Mission & Vision

Our Vision

The company ETS Group (Executive Technology Solution & ETS Automation & Engineering Ltd.)> is a Bangladesh born corporate establishment with a vision that encompasses more than business objectives. The vision is rooted in the common aspiration of the people to establish Bangladesh in the global mainstream in capacity, potential and competence. Superiors focus is in the area of perfect & latest technology for providing excellence technology solution nationally and beyond.

It is our mission to be the customer's first choice supplier for world class industrial products & services in our marketplace.

Our Mission

Our mission is to add value to the business we are involved. Our emphasis is on helping technology and to improve the quality of living of our employees and the communities we serve. Our aim is to achieve this mission by not only providing quality products but also rendering the excellence in our services. ETS Group (Executive Technology Solution & ETS Automation & Engineering Ltd.) Core purpose is to foster technological innovations and excellence for the benefit of humanity.

To be a Leader of implementing latest technology in the industrial sector in Bangladesh.

The Business Goal

Technology can be a great enabler for small and medium businesses. It can make every employee more efficient, more productive and more valuable. True business efficiency and effectiveness is characterized by a situation where: